Advisory Board Work Groups
Career Readiness Assistance

Terry Cowan, Community

Janice Barnes, Eglin AFB

Angela Maberry, Hurlburt Field

Ecotourism and Environment
Alex Fogg, Community
Chris Johansen, Eglin AFB
Lorraine Ketzler, Hurlburt Field

Energy Resources and Innovation

Dave Robau, Community

Dan Nocher, Eglin AFB

Craig Moffett, Hurlburt Field

Real Property
Nathan Sparks, Community
Glenn Wagner, Eglin AFB

Transportation and Infrastructure

Jason Autrey, Community

Tom Tolbert, Eglin AFB

Glenn Lattanze, Hurlburt Field

TCPI Work Groups

The TCPI Advisory Board developed an avenue to facility community and grassroots input through the utilization of work groups.  Advisory Board Work Group members and partners brainstorm for innovative ideas, vet ideas and progress viable project ideas for public-public and public-private (P4) partnerships.  Work Groups consist of three co-chairs; one each from the Eglin-Hurlburt-Community Partnership Program.

TCPI Advisory Board

The TCPI Advisory Board consists of a wide variety of community leaders whose function is to identify and support public-public and public-private (P4) partnerships capable of sustaining military base missions and municipal functions.

Leveraging military installation and local community capabilities and resources to reduce costs or risks by identifying shared values and opportunities.

Steering Committee

Nathan Sparks, EDC Executive Director

Kay Rasmussen, EDC Associate Director

Sal Nodjomian, TCPI Consultant

Robert Marinan, DSI Chairman

Gordon Fornell, Military Advisor

Bob Black, Technical Advisor

Community Partners
Building Industry Association of Okaloosa-Walton

                                Alan Baggett                                  

CareerSource Okaloosa-Walton

Michele Burns


Matthew Avery

Eglin AFB, 96TW  Representative

Col John Schuliger

Emerald Coast Association of Realtors

Sam Kinkaid

Financial Institution

Katie Sharon

Gulf Power

Bernard Johnson


Mitch Mongell

Hurlburt Field Representative

Col Gary Dorman

League of Cities: City of Crestview

Councilman Shannon Hayes

League of Cities: City of Fort Walton Beach

Mayor Dick Rynearson

Mid-Bay Bridge Authority

Gordy Fornell

Okaloosa County

Commissioner Carolyn Ketchel

Okaloosa County School District


Niceville Valparaiso Chamber of Commerce

Mike Guidry

Crestview Chamber of Commerce

Dennis Mitchell

Destin Chamber of Commerce

Amy Perry

Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce

Vince Mayfield

Okaloosa Gas District

Gordon King

Santa Rosa County

Shannon Ogletree

Site Engineering/Site Development Planner

Lee Goodson

Walton County

Bill Imfeld

Walton County Chamber of Commerce


Veteran's Administration

Dr Robert Mishra