Leveraging military installation and local community capabilities and resources to reduce costs or risks by identifying shared values and opportunities.

how Our Program Works...

The Economic Development Council for Okaloosa County, Florida (EDC) is a non-profit, public-private partnership serving Okaloosa County as its primary economic development organization committed to continual growth and diversification through existing industry retention and expansion, workforce development and expansion of key industry clusters.  

Florida and the Tri-County region are blessed to be home to the largest military installation, Eglin Air Force Base, and its multiple tenant units to include Hurlburt Field and Duke Field, as well as outstanding communities and leaders that are committed to providing unmatched support to military installations and missions. Recognizing the challenges of advancing the range of Community Partnership Program Initiatives (CPP), due primarily to manpower, funding, and regulatory constraints, the EDC created a parallel Tri-County Community Partnership Initiative (TCPI) program in 2013 to formally work in tandem with the Air Force and local installations' CPP processes. The EDC established a community member TCPI Advisory Board, comprised of local governments, installation representatives, service providers, utility companies, financial and real property experts, chambers of commerce, etc.  Along with the Advisory Board, Board work groups were established to identify, vet and progress partnership opportunities.

Since its inception, the TCPI has conducted and supported numerous community engagement events and workshops and has been instrumental in facilitating, educating, and coordinating with local governments, business leaders, and utility providers. The TCPI has been directly responsible for the high level of community involvement necessary to keep Public-Public, Public-Private (P4) partnerships moving forward. The TCPI’s goal is simple – help build a strong foundation upon which partnerships can be institutionalized.

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