Advisory Board Community Partners
Building Industry Association of Okaloosa-Walton

      Jennifer Fleming, Executive Director   

CareerSource Okaloosa-Walton

Michele Burns, Executive Director


Tina Rushing, Government Coordinator

Crestview Chamber of CommerceTBD
Destin Chamber of CommerceKim Wintner, Board Member
Early Learning CoalitionDana Crupi Hodges, Director
Eglin AFB, 96TW  Representative/Champion

Col Jeremiah Hammill, Commander 96CEG

Eglin AFB, 96TW Representative/ChampionCol Tassika Davis, Commander 96MSG
Emerald Coast Association of Realtors

Sam Kinkaid, Realtor

Florida Power & LightBernard Johnson
Fort Walton Beach Chamber of CommerceLynn Dominique
Hurlburt Field, 1SOW Representative/Champion

Col Kristen Wood, Commander 1SOMSG

League of Cities: City of Crestview

Councilman Doug Capps

League of Cities: City of Fort Walton Beach

Mayor Dick Rynearson

Niceville-Valparaiso Chamber of CommerceRichard Pruitt
Okaloosa County

Commissioner Paul Mixon

Okaloosa School DistrictJohn Spolski, Assistant Superintendent
Okaloosa Gas District

Gordon King, CEO

Santa Rosa County

Shannon Ogletree, Economic Development

Walton County

Uriah Matthews, Economic Development Alliance

Member at Large

Gordy Fornell, Lt Gen USAF Ret

Member at LargeJim Heald, Col USAF Ret


The TCPI Advisory Board consists of volunteer community public and private partners.  Collectively they represent a wide variety of community leaders whose function is to help identify, vet and recommend public-public and public-private (P4) partnerships capable of sustaining military base missions and municipal functions. The Advisory Board is comprised of local governments, installation representatives, service providers, utility companies, medical experts, building and real estate associations, chambers of commerce, etc.  The success of TCPI is rooted in the Advisory Board creating and refining targeted work groups to address emergent needs and partnership opportunities.  These tailored Work Groups, augmented by ad hoc Task Forces as needed, are led by three volunteer co-chairs; an Eglin AFB, Hurlburt Field and community representative.  

Leveraging military installation and local community capabilities and resources

to reduce costs or risks by identifying shared values and opportunities.

Leadership Team

Nathan Sparks, EDC Executive Director

Kay Rasmussen, EDC Associate Director

John Schuliger, Consultant, Delonix Professional Consulting

All Work Groups convene monthly, in-person and/or remotely, to discuss progress, identify solutions and vet new ideas. If you are located in the tri-county area and are interested in participating on a Work Group, please send an email to

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TCPI Work Groups

The TCPI Advisory Board developed an avenue to facilitate community and grassroots input through the utilization of targeted work groups.  The Advisory Board has identified three overarching efforts; 1) Infrastructure, 2) Quality of Life, and 3) Education/training.  Each line of effort is championed by a military leader.  Targeted Work Groups are identified as needed and structured under a respective line of effort.  Each Work Group consists of volunteer military and civilian subject matter experts and members brainstorm for innovative ideas, conduct SWOT analyses, vet ideas, and progress viable project ideas with respective stakeholders for public-public and public-private (P4) partnerships.  These tailored Work Groups, augmented by ad hoc Task Forces as needed, are led by three volunteer co-chairs; an Eglin AFB, Hurlburt Field and community representative.  In order to assist all Work Groups with potential project funding solutions -- local, state or federal -- a Funding Oversight Work Group was also established.  

Active Work Groups
InfrastructureColonel Jeremiah Hammill, 96 CEG/CC
Traffic/Road Capacity

Jason Autrey, Community

Eric Rushing, Eglin AFB

Matt Vera, Hurlburt Field

Quality of LifeColonel Kristen Wood, 1 SOMSG/CC

Dana Hodges, Community

Tami Gerstbrodie, Eglin AFB

Michelle Coover, Hurlburt Field

Workforce Housing

Ada Clark, Community

Randall Rowland, Eglin AFB

Veronica Brieno Rankin, Hurlburt Field

Education / TrainingColonel Tassika Davis, 96 MSG/CC
Career ReadinessKelly Jordan, Community
Kelly Childs, Eglin AFB
Stephanie Talcott, Hurlburt Field

Funding OpportunitiesNathan Sparks, One Okaloosa

Ada Clark, Community

Dana McIntyre, Eglin AFB

Steve Loken, Hurlburt Field